About the Artist

I am Shawanda C. STAR Peaces , a mother of two daughters and “Operation Iraqi
Freedom”(US Embassy Multi National Force-Iraq ‘05-‘06), Army combat war veteran. I reside in my
hometown Montgomery, AL. as a fulltime artist and photographer striving to maintain peace, love, and
freedom of self expression.
Self taught, I utilize mixed mediums and acrylics on canvas and wood. My art is a reflection of my
spiritual aspirations and my life's journey. I am an artist that likes to use lots of bold vibrant colors to tell
a story and to bring my painting out for others to see it how I see it. I use my life happenings to create a
theme to work from.
The Acrylic pour abstract paintings are created to resemble a mood, a flow, a way of being from my
artistic perspective. All of my pours are made by me with custom colors and additives. Special tools are
used to create certain types of movement within the paintings that only I have been creating. I consider
it as a signature and a clear way to recognize my abstract creations as an original STAR Peaces.
Majority of my works are perception based and that’s a reason I enjoy creating statement pieces. A
phrase or a quote can invoke a thought to spark the best conversations.